Wynwood Engagement Photo Shoot

Wynwood Engagement Session

When Greg and Shrearest first came to me for their engagement photo needs we spent a lot time trying to find the right place for their engagement shoot. We had ideas ranging from Miami Beach, to rooftops on a downtown Miami high rise, but in the end they wanted a Wynwood engagement photo shoot. They were drawn to the vibrant colors that inhabited that many walls in Wynwood and who could blame them. Wynwood is full of potential especially when it comes to a Wynwood engagement shoot.

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Being a Color Blind Photographer

Everglades dirt road

Hi, I’m JC Ruiz and I’m a color blind photographer. Your turn, “Hi JC.” Funny thing about being a color blind photographer is the misconception that I must take amazing black and white photographs or I must have a hard time with my post processing. Well 1 out of 2 isn’t bad, I do take some amazing black and white photographs hahahahahahaha I kid I kid. No but seriously I do hahahahaha I’m pretty sure if I never mentioned I was color blind people would never know the difference.

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Early Morning Pier Engagement Shoot

Fort Lauderdale Engagement Photo Session

What’s a good way to spend a Sunday morning? How about photographing Monica and Gregg’s engagement photo shoot at sunrise at the Pompano Beach pier? You couldn’t ask for a better start to the day than that.

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A North Miami Beach Engagement Shoot

North Miami Beach Engagement Shoot

What constitutes a fun time at an engagement photo shoot? Well if you have Katie and John as clients then you already know who is bringing the fun. From the first shutter click to the last there was nothing but fun, laughs and smiles. A great time was had by all and that is how it should be.

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Hollywood Beach Family Session

Hollywood Beach - JC Ruiz Photography

Nothing like a little Hollywood Beach family session to get the week started. Barnita was one of the people who purchased my Living Social ads early in the year for her and her daughter and she recently reached out to me for another shoot, but this time she also wanted to include her boyfriend, Troy. After trying to find a spot convenient for everyone, we finally agreed upon the boardwalk over at Hollywood Beach.

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A South Beach Engagement Shoot

South Beach Engagement

Today’s post is from the photo shoot I had on Labor Day in South Beach for Seth and Yulia. They were down from Virginia on their honeymoon and wanted to get some photos in before they took their honeymoon cruise. What better place to take some photos than on South Beach?

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Summer Engagement Shoot On South Beach

South Beach engagement shoot

Today I feature another out of town couple, Ale and Alberto. They’re a loving couple from Dallas, Texas via Houston (long story). They arrived to South Beach for a little getaway and who can blame them? We have paradise here in Miami.

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A Miami Beach Couples Photo Shoot

Miami Beach couples photography

Today I bring you Melissa and Derek. They’re a couple from Colorado who went on a cruise and basically had a couple of hours for a photo shoot before their flight back to Colorado. This was like the epitome of a last minute shoot but I had fun either way. They were referred to me by Evan Rich, the wedding photographer I work with on occasion.

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An Engagement Session on South Beach

south beach engagement photo shoot

I was lucky enough to shoot an engagement shoot for one of my favorite couples, Alex and Hayley. I always enjoy watching these two interact because they’re always happy, smiling or laughing. They compliment each other so well and they’re always on the same page. I was beyond excited when they asked me to photograph their wedding. You can’t help but admire the love these two have for each other.

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