Wynwood Engagement Photo Shoot

When Greg and Shrearest first came to me for their engagement photo needs we spent a lot time trying to find the right place for their engagement shoot. We had ideas ranging from Miami Beach, to rooftops on a downtown Miami high rise, but in the end they wanted a Wynwood engagement photo shoot. They were drawn to the vibrant colors that inhabited that many walls in Wynwood and who could blame them. Wynwood is full of potential especially when it comes to a Wynwood engagement shoot.

In Wynwood there is always something going on from concerts to art walks. You name it Wynwood has it. And more often than not you can find a photo shoot happening on every and any street corner in Wynwood. That is the thing with having a Wynwood engagement shoot, you never know what to expect. I had planned to photograph both Greg and Shrearest in and around the old RC Cola plant. Some of the walls had bright and vibrant colors adorning them and I thought that would make for an interesting backdrop.

Long story short, we got to the RC Cola plant to find a concert had just wrapped. Metal barricades were strewn among the sidewalks and streets by the plant. Not ideal, but that didn’t deter us from shooting there.

With the sun setting behind us we made our way in and around the RC Cola plant photographing Greg and Shrearest with a few different poses against a few different backdrops. I don’t think we could have asked for a more cooperative sun set as the sun lined up perfectly in the background of all the shots. Both Greg and Shrearest were receptive to some of the poses and ideas I had and they offered their own as well. I always feel open dialogue when it comes to poses, ideas etc. between the client and photographer is important. Plus it makes the session that much easier since everyone is on the same page.

Below are the photos from Greg and Shrearest’s Wynwood engagement photo shoot. Can’t wait for their wedding in New Orleans this coming September.

Wynwood Engagement Session

Wynwood Engagement

Wynwood Engagement Session

Wynwood photo shoot

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