I Felt Like I Lost My Creative Spark

lost my creative spark

This past year has been a draining force in many aspects. From the pandemic doom and gloom to the 24 hour political circus it just feels like a never ending ride to hell and back. And somewhere along that ride it felt like I lost my creative spark. The urge to go out and photograph was gone. So was my desire to write. It felt almost life draining. I had no desire what so ever for the faintest thing creatively.

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Sunday Night Football – Saints vs Bucs

drew brees

Who can’t get excited for a Sunday Night Football game with both Tom Brady and Drew Brees in it? Two legendary quarterbacks throwing 300 yards each with multiple touchdowns. Fast pace action left and right and me right there capturing it all. Narrator: It didn’t go the way JC had planned for. It was a one sided game in favor of the Saints.

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Opening Day 2020 – Braves vs Marlins

opening day 2020

Opening Day in baseball is always filled with a regal pomp and pageantry, but Opening Day 2020 was filled with a lot less. While having sports is a great escape from what is happening in the real world, this year there was no escaping what was happening all around. From the Covid-19 and the calls for Social Justice, baseball took a backseat and put these causes into their forefront all the while providing a distraction, albeit a brief one, from the chaos and turmoil gripping the country.

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Photographing MLB Baseball During the Covid-19 Pandemic


Photographing any sports during the Covid-19 Pandemic is and will be a unique experience. There were new rules and guidelines to follow and not to mention that they will probably change every day, if not more. For me, photographing Major League Baseball games during Covid-19 was therapeutic and in all honesty, it was such an amazing time given the perpetual doom and gloom of news that was associated with Covid-19.

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Credit the Photographer

credit the photographer

As photographers we are asked to get paid in exposure instead of money like most other professionals because people don’t seem to value our craft because all we do is press a tiny button and the camera does all the work. We post our photos on Instagram, Twitter and other portfolio sites like 500px or Flickr in hopes of attracting clients that like to pay with money not exposure. And while we scroll through other feeds and profiles we often seen how work posted on other sites and profiles without giving credit. Just because we post our work doesn’t mean someone can steal it, repost it and not credit the photographer.

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Why Do I Procrastinate?

why do i procrastinate

I’ve wanted to write about this topic for a while but I kept putting it off for another day and kept putting it off. Why do I procrastinate? It’s not such an easy answer. For some people it might be laziness or rather do it later when its convenient for them. I have a few reasons why I procrastinate and some are just weird to me.

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My Sports Photography Workflow

Xander Bogaerts

As a sports photographer, it is super important that my sports photography workflow for during and after games is on point. If I’m slow transmitting photos up to the teams, the leagues or wherever then the chances of my photos being picked up dramatically decreases. The whole point of my sports photography workflow is to get my photos off my camera and uploaded in the shortest amount of time possible.

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Buying Actions and Presets

buying actions and presets

Everywhere you look there are photographers trying to sell you their Photoshop Actions or Lightroom Presets. They show you how bad a photo was and how their action or preset made it come to life. It was so convincing you ended up buying actions and presets from them, but for some reason your photos never looked as great as the ones these photographers showed you. Do you ever wonder why that was?

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