Photography and Videography are Not the Same

photography and videography

There seems to be this misconception that photography and videography are the same thing or better yet interchangeable like a lens. Yes, the majority of cameras these days come with HD video capabilities, but the doesn’t make everyone a videographer. This is a big difference between photo and video, Photography and videography are not the same.

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My First Season Shooting for the NHL

Sergei Bobrovsky

To say I didn’t know what to expect in my first season shooting for the NHL would be an understatement. While my hopes of shooting the Stanley Cup faded in the second round of the Playoffs, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It was such a wild ride and the non-stop action made it all that much better. Of course when you get to cover the best team in hockey, it definitely makes things more enjoyable.

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The Forts of Old San Juan

forts of old san juan

When you think about visiting Old San Juan, you think of the vibrant colored homes on the cobblestone streets from the Spanish colonial era, but the true wonders are found in the the forts of Old San Juan. Specifically the two famous forts on the island, Castillo San Felipe del Morro aka El Morro and Castillio San Cristobal. These two relics still stand tall and allow visitors a glimpse into the past of Puerto Rico, specifically San Juan.

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Visiting Old San Juan

old san juan

Since my wife is a wedding planner we get to travel for destination weddings and events. When I found out that we were going to Puerto Rico for a wedding, all I could think about was walking through the streets of Old San Juan. It’s been a bucket list item for me and I will say this, Old San Juan did not disappoint. Not one bit.

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Etiquette for Sports Photographers

etiquette for sports photographers

It seems like every other week sports photographers on social media are bashing one of their own for something they did that either caused them no miss a shot or ruin it for someone else. Even though sports photographers will preach about mental health constantly on social media, we’re the first ones to put someone on blast or tear them down for something they did. And to be honest it’s mostly the experienced people attacking the newer ones. Reality is that there are rules or etiquette for sports photographers. Some are obvious, others unwritten.

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Revisiting Old Photos

revisiting old photos

Revisiting old photos and updating them with a new post processing techniques is a great way to breathe new life into an old photo. As post processing tools evolve and new tools emerge its a good idea to see if an old photo can benefit from the new tools and processes. Just because an old photo was processed one way doesn’t mean a new way can’t spark some new creative post processing edits.

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