Being a Color Blind Photographer

Hi, I’m JC Ruiz and I’m a color blind photographer. Your turn, “Hi JC.” Funny thing about being a color blind photographer is the misconception that I must take amazing black and white photographs or I must have a hard time with my post processing. Well 1 out of 2 isn’t bad, I do take some amazing black and white photographs hahahahahahaha I kid I kid. No but seriously I do hahahahaha I’m pretty sure if I never mentioned I was color blind people would never know the difference.

Now there are many misconceptions of being a color blind photographer. The big one is that I only see in black and white. I see all the colors that the majority of people see, there are just a few of them I can’t tell apart when they’re next to each other. Certain shades of red and green as well as some other colors are difficult for me to differentiate. And yes I do have some difficulty matching my clothes, but what normal male doesn’t? People who only see in black and white are very rare. I think you would have a better change of finding Congress working together than you would find a person who cannot see color. Ouch.

Another misconception I get for being a color blind photographer is that I struggle with editing colors in post production. I think that is a little far fetched. I mean everyone knows the sky is purple and the grass is red. C’mon it’s not rocket science ya know? The truth is I really don’t have any issues working with color. I can tell if someone is suppose to have the John Boehner spray tan look or not. When I do landscapes etc. I do like my colors to pop a bit, but they will never be so saturated that you would have to question if me being color blind photographer is starting to hinder me.

I was diagnosed with color blindness back in the 1st grade and I haven’t stopped blaming my mother since. Women are the gene carriers of the color blind trait and they give it to their sons. My uncles have it as well as my cousins. I guess I now know the reason why there were never any family photographs of everyone together. The men in my family couldn’t match their clothes. It all makes sense now. The things family go through to cover up dirty family secrets like color blindness hahahahahahaha

If I have a favorite part of being a color blind photographer it’s the quiz show I get right after I tell someone I’m color blind. Their initial reaction, and the most common as well, is to point at a number of different things and ask what color it is. Come on, admit it. You were about to point to something on your monitor and tweet me to ask what color I saw. It’s ok, I’ve been dealing with most of my life. And oh, the color is forest green by the way.

See being a color blind photographer is not so bad. I can’t match my clothes but I sure can make you look amazing in your photographs. Don’t believe me? Click on the brown link on top of the page that says portfolio. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

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