Brands Need to Invest in Photographers

professional photos for branding

Photography may not be a top item for businesses or brands due to the rise of influencers, filters on photos in mobile apps or even the sheer volume of free stock photo sites; however, every brand or business needs professional photos taken by a professional photographer. Professional photos provide an authentic look at your brand and who you are. Something a free stock photo cannot capture.

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Local SEO for Photographers

Ocean Drive

While Local SEO works like a “regular” Google search and traditional SEO more of broad search results; Local SEO returns more geographically targeted results. Google uses a different set of ranking factors to rank the local search results. Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a website in order to increase traffic, leads and brand awareness from local search. Finding local keywords, optimizing a business’ Google Business Profile, and building “NAP” citations are some techniques to help boost your Local SEO.

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Be the Photographer You Want To Be

be the photographer

It’s funny how that once you buy a camera and people start find out that you’re into photography you find yourself being invited to parties or weddings and being asked to bring your camera. Now because you have a camera you’ve become the official unofficial photographer for everyone’s grandparent’s anniversary party or kid’s birthday party. In reality being that type of photographer was what you never intended to be and because of that your should be the the photographer you want to be.

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Photography and Videography are Not the Same

photography and videography

There seems to be this misconception that photography and videography are the same thing or better yet interchangeable like a lens. Yes, the majority of cameras these days come with HD video capabilities, but the doesn’t make everyone a videographer. This is a big difference between photo and video, Photography and videography are not the same.

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I Feel Like Quitting Instagram

I feel like quitting Instagram

Sometimes in life, things run their course. And I think for me personally and professionally that end for Instagram is quickly approaching. At one point Instagram was a sense of joy for me seeing all the creative works of others, now I feel like quitting Instagram every time I look at my feed. My feed now is nothing but unwanted ads, Bitcoin bros advice and people posting the same goddamn Tik Tok or SnapChat video of them trying to dance.

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Credit the Photographer

credit the photographer

As photographers we are asked to get paid in exposure instead of money like most other professionals because people don’t seem to value our craft because all we do is press a tiny button and the camera does all the work. We post our photos on Instagram, Twitter and other portfolio sites like 500px or Flickr in hopes of attracting clients that like to pay with money not exposure. And while we scroll through other feeds and profiles we often seen how work posted on other sites and profiles without giving credit. Just because we post our work doesn’t mean someone can steal it, repost it and not credit the photographer.

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