Reid and Fiorentino Golf Classic

Last Thursday I was invited out to the Reid and Fiorentino Golf Classic at Turnberry Isle Golf Course in Aventura, FL by the Sports Bros. to photograph some of the celebs and athletes that were there for the tournament. Last year I photographed the red carpet for the charity dinner, but I had a wedding to photography the same day as this year’s dinner. Eric Reid and Tony Fiorentino, are Miami Heat announcers and every year they have the Reid and Fiorentino Golf Classic as well as the “Call of the Game Dinner” which helps raise money for organizations such as Lauren’s Kids.

In year’s past there were plenty of celebrities and athletes competing in the Reid and Fiorentino Golf Classic, but this year those celebs and athletes participating were sparse. The biggest athlete or former athlete there was former Miami Heat center, Alonzo Mourning. Other notables were Benny Blades, a former NFL safety and UM legend, as well as Keith Byars and a few other athletes.

When I met up with the Sports Bros. at the Reid and Fiorentino Golf Classic, I had the chance to mingle with a lot of other local sports personalities as well a lot of the members of the Miami Heat organization. It was fun talking sports with these people prior to tee time. It wasn’t all work for me.

As the players were at the driving range, so was I. I took the majority of my photos there as there was a scarcity of golf carts for the media to use to get photos or video so special privileges were given to the local television stations so they could make their deadline. As I mentioned earlier there wasn’t a whole lot to see at the Reid and Fiorentino Golf Classic. Burnie, the Miami Heat’s mascot was out there messing around with some of the participants, but other than that it wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary.

After a few speeches by Eric Reid, Tony Fiorentino as well as Ron and Lauren Book for Lauren’s Kids, the players departed for the golf course and my day was over.

Sure I wish there were more big names at the Reid and Fiorentino Golf Classic, but any chance to go out and mingle amongst the sports community is always a plus in my book. Hopefully next year I’ll get to play in tournament, not just photograph it.

Burnie from the Miami Heat

Alonzo Mourning of the Miami Heat

South Florida Golf

Turnberry Isle Golf

Turnberry Isle Driving Range

Reid and Fiorentino

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