LIV Golf Team Championship Miami

LIV Open Miami

For the first time in the past couple of years professional golf returned to Miami, but it wasn’t your grandparents’ golf tour. It was LIV Golf and regardless of how you feel about who backs it or why the tour was created you couldn’t deny that the LIV Golf Team Championship brought the excitement and joy of professional golf back to the iconic Blue Monster at the Trump National Doral. As a sports photographer in South Florida, we’re spoiled with all the sporting events we get to cover on a regular basis.

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Working as a LCC for the NFL, the MLB and NHL

tampa bay buccaneers

I would say working as a LCC for various professional sports leagues has to be one of my career highlights to date. I get to go to numerous games, interact with top athletes as well as having my work shared and seen by millions of people. It sounds like a glamourous job, but the business side of being a LCC is cutthroat and sometimes it’s not for everyone.

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Things That Annoy Me as a Sports Photographer

Jonathan Quick

As a sports photographer I have found things that annoy me when shooting games. From obnoxious fans to all about me in game reporters there is a laundry list of things that bother me when I’m shooting a sports photographer. These are just a few of the bigger one that tend to rub me the wrong way.

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Photographing for the Miami Hurricanes Football Team

miami hurricanes football

As a sports photographer, there are few times, maybe more, where we get hired to help shoot for our favorite teams. I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph Tom Brady and the Patriots as well as the Boston Red-Sox and now I can add being hired to help shoot a game for the Miami Hurricanes football team. Sometimes dreams do come true!

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MLB Photo Day

luis guillorme

MLB photo day; the glorious day where players and coaches have their headshots and portraits taken to be used by every and anyone through out the season and I had the chance to be present for two of them. I had the opportunity to be present for the MLB photo day for both the New York Mets and the Washington Nationals. Two different teams and two completely different experiences for their photo day.

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2022 MLB Spring Training

Eduardo Escobar

When the original dates for players to report for Spring Training past due to the lock out I wasn’t sure the 2022 MLB Spring Training would happen. Like most fans and people who work during the season, we waited every day for the two sides to come together to work out a deal. Days flew by like a Jacob deGrom fastball, but still no baseball. Until one day they agreed to end the lock out and then two days later I started my MLB Spring Training season.

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My First Season Shooting for the NHL

Sergei Bobrovsky

To say I didn’t know what to expect in my first season shooting for the NHL would be an understatement. While my hopes of shooting the Stanley Cup faded in the second round of the Playoffs, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It was such a wild ride and the non-stop action made it all that much better. Of course when you get to cover the best team in hockey, it definitely makes things more enjoyable.

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Etiquette for Sports Photographers

etiquette for sports photographers

It seems like every other week sports photographers on social media are bashing one of their own for something they did that either caused them no miss a shot or ruin it for someone else. Even though sports photographers will preach about mental health constantly on social media, we’re the first ones to put someone on blast or tear them down for something they did. And to be honest it’s mostly the experienced people attacking the newer ones. Reality is that there are rules or etiquette for sports photographers. Some are obvious, others unwritten.

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