5 Takeaways from Photoshop World

5 Takeaways from Photoshop World 2017

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to attend a Photoshop World convention and this year I was fortunate enough to attend the one in Orlando, FL. Photoshop World is an annual conference put together by Scott Kelby and his KelbyOne team. It is normally a three day conference with classes and seminars on all things Photoshop, other Adobe products as well as photography. With Orlando only being a three hour drive from my house, I thought it was now of never if I wanted to attend this conference as every year the location changes.

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My Digital Workflow

digital workflow

I’ve received a couple of questions about my digital workflow as to it pertains to me touching up images; so I thought I show you how I go about touching up or editing my photos. I use Adobe Lightroom 3.0 as my main image editor. I also use plugins with Lightroom specifically the Nik Software Suite. After I achieve the look I desire for the image I then bring the photo over into Adobe Photoshop where I add some last minute touches and use the Kubota Image Tools actions to put the finishing touches on my image. I also use BlogStomp to give my images that white border I use for all the images on my blog.

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