Pricing Your Photography

pricing your photography

Pricing your photography; a constant battle most photographers have to fight on the regular. It’s a landmine of questions such as how to price your photography services or how much you should charge for a photograph. There is no easy way to determine what to charge as each photographer is different and has placed different values on their work. And once a photographer sets his or her’s prices then there is the constant haggling from potential customers that a photographer has to deal with. Pricing your photography and trying to stick those prices is a roller coaster ride of emotions within a photographer and it’s almost daily.

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Downtown Miami and Miami Beach

Miami Skyline

Living in South Florida I will admit I take for granted all the Miami attractions that the out of town tourists flock to. I figured why not take a day to be a tourist in my own city. I wanted to experience what out of town people come to Miami for. The beaches, the nightlife, the beautiful weather. I was going to be a tourist for once and check out all the things to do in downtown Miami and Miami Beach.

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5 Tips For Better Landscape Photos

nature photographer

Ever see some amazing landscape photos and wonder how the photographer captured it? Did you ever think what were their secrets? I may not know every secret every photographer has to achieve amazing photos but I do have 5 tips for better landscape photos that will help you out right away. These 5 tips are very straight forward and they should help you with your landscape photography.

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Before and After Photos Using Nik Software

Nik Software

I won’t lie I’m a big fan of using Nik Software when it comes to my digital workflow. I’m pretty much using Nik Software filters on every photo I enhance. I know there are Lightroom presets or Adobe Photoshop actions that get the photo to have a certain generic look, but when it comes down to having complete control of every aspect of the photo, I don’t use actions or presets. I go straight for the jugular and edit with Nik Software.

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Tips For Photographing Sports

sports photography tips

Shooting sports here in the Miami area I’ve been fortunate to learn some valuable lessons while I’ve been shooting. I’ve taken what I’ve learned and turned them into tips for photographing sports. Some tips for photographing sports I have are pretty straight forward and others are little tidbits I’ve picked up from other sports photographers.

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5 SEO Tips for Photographers

Miami Editorial Photographer

As photographers we all would love to have our website be on the first page of results when potential clients Google photographers in their area. The best to help your website move up the ranks in Google is to optimize the SEO for your website and I have 5 SEO tips for photographers that will help get them started in the right direction. The tips below won’t catapult you to the top of results in Google over night or even in 3 months, but with constant monitoring of your SEO effort and creating quality content you can reach the first page of results.

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Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4

architectural photography tips

With the abundance of plugins and presets available for post processing needs it can be overwhelming in deciding which one is right for you. When I bought the Nik Software Collection a couple of years ago I knew I found the perfect plugin for my digital workflow especially when it came to Color Efex Pro. I had been using Color Efex Pro 3 for the past few years until by the grace of Google, who purchased Nik Software, allowed all former customers to upgrade to the new versions for free. Yes I said free and that was right in line with my budget as I had my eye on Color Efex Pro 4 since it came out.

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I Have G.A.S. – Gear Acquisition Syndrome

What the New Changes to Instagram Mean To Photographers

I have G.A.S. Catchy title right? Zack Arias, I believe, coined the phrase G.A.S. which stands for gear acquisition syndrome. As photographers we all have some sort of gear acquisition syndrome, some have more severe cases than others.

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Stop Reading and Start Shooting

miami skyline sunset

Stop reading and start shooting. Sounds simple enough right? We’re all about learning the new trends and techniques in photography or trying to emulate one of our favorite photographers that we forget to get our heads out of the blogs or books and actually go out and start shooting.

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