Stop Reading and Start Shooting

Stop reading and start shooting. Sounds simple enough right? We’re all about learning the new trends and techniques in photography or trying to emulate one of our favorite photographers that we forget to get our heads out of the blogs or books and actually go out and start shooting.

How many of us spend countless hours scouring the internet for new blogs full of techniques or sitting in Barnes & Noble going through the newly released books? I’m guilty of this. If Scott Kelby, Joe McNally or David duChemin release a new book or blog post I’m all over it.

The problem with this is that we absorb all this information but do we put what we learn to good use? What is the point of learning all these new techniques and tips if we never use them? I crave knowledge and I think as humans we all do to a certain extent. It’s human nature to want to learn to be better etc.

I think the problem is figuring out when to stop reading and start shooting. The Scott Kelbys and Joe McNallys of the photography have new tips and techniques to write about because they’re out there shooting. I read their tips and I go out and try them. I may even add my own twist to them, but the point is to get out and shoot.

The whole point is to learn and then practice what you’ve learned. You can learn every technique, but if you never practice them you’ll lose the knowledge. Like most things in life you must practice photography in order to become better.

For me, I know I struggle with finding the right balance. I have books in my truck and on my nightstand and I’m constantly on blogs reading etc. I have to remind myself to stop reading and start shooting more because I can lose hours in books. I’ll admit that my love for knowledge sometimes overshadows my love for photography.

So get out there and shoot some more! Practice what you’ve been reading in the books and blogs you spent countless hours on. Become a better photographer and who knows, maybe one day you’ll write a book I’ll be reading for tips!

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