How to Edit Your Photos Properly

Have you ever wanted to know the secrets to editing photos like a professional? Have you ever asked yourself if you truly know how to edit your photos properly? If so, read on as I share the secrets the pros use to make their photos look flawless.

Are you ready to learn the secret on how to edit your photos properly? Well here is the answer. There is no answer. There is no right or wrong. Editing your photos is subjective and personal.

Probably not the answer you were looking for. At least I didn’t make you watch a one hour webinar where I talk a good game only to ask you to pay for my masterclass starting at $799 where I just sell you nonsense. Of course there are plenty of people who use personal branding to make themselves out be something more than they are, but who am I to judge scammers and “influencers.”

Everyone has their own preference. It’s about to you to find your style. It may make some time and some experimenting, but hopefully, and eventually you’ll find it.

Word of caution though. Don’t follow into fads or what is the hottest thing in editing at the moment. And please remember that every photographer/graphic artist selling you one click presets or actions are only selling you a fantasy. Those presets or actions don’t work on every type of photo and they’ll rarely work on yours.

From wedding photographers to sports photographers and even landscape photographers have their own style. Some like muted colors. Others like vibrant and bright. Again there is no right or wrong. It’s personal preference.

Maybe there is a wrong way to edit. And by that I mean you don’t crank your vibrance an saturation up to 100. Same with when you sharpen there shouldn’t be an halos around the edges. You want to keep your photos realistic or close to it when you edit.

You should learn basic photo editing techniques like fixing white balance and how to use a tone curve. Mastering the fundamentals, as in everything in life, is the foundation you need to master your editing style.

I mentioned earlier to not buy presets and you shouldn’t but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. Create your own that fit your style that way you can use them over and over for your photos and know that they’ll work for what you’re trying to achieve. You can have preset that would make all your base adjustments and then you can tweak from there. Not like a meth head type of tweak but tweak your photos accordingly.

There it is. The big secret on how to edit your photos. Not really earth shattering or makes you have an a-ha moment. Master the fundamentals. Find your style and that is how you edit your photos properly.

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