Maternity Photo Shoot

I had the honor of photographing some maternity photos for my friends, Hugo and Dee, who are expecting their first child any day now. Dee texted me one day and we went back and forth for a bit and I agreed to help them out. I haven’t seen them since I’ve been back in FL, but then again I’ve only been back a week so I really haven’t seen too many of the old faces yet. I’ve known Hugo for about 10 years now and Dee just a little less. They’re a great couple and you couldn’t ask for two better people to be friends with.

I arrived at their house and chatted with Dee a bit while we waiting for Hugo to come back from the barber. Hugo arrives and the next thing I know I have a drink in my hand. We were drinking some Disaronno and cranberry juice. I never had that mix before but it tasted like kool-aid to me and that was a bad thing. After a drink or two to loosen up we stepped out into their hallway to begin the shoot. Everything that could go wrong to start off the shoot did. The batteries to my Cybersync transmitters died, a giant gust of wind knocked over my light stand; shattering my umbrella in the process. After switching out batteries we were good to go. I was shooting with my D300 with my 24-70 f/2.8 because we were in tight spaces and my 70-200 would have been too long. I had my SB-900 shooting through a Westcott 30″ translucent umbrella triggered by Cybersyncs. We had a little break in between so Dee could rest a bit and she ordered some Chinese food. All I can say is that was some of the best Egg Foo Young I’ve had in a long, long time. Hugo was so hungry he started to pull out this huge slab of steak to cook, but once the Chinese food came, he was good. After another round of drinks we set out to wrap up the night.

I think we were all a bit stressed in the beginning:

These two love each other a lot and being around them it’s obvious:

I’m happy that they’re about to be parents and I know they’ll be great:

This has to be two of my favorite photos from the day. In the 2nd one Hugo was demonstrating his improvisational skills:

I’ll end it with them looking fierce. I love how this came out:

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