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I’m an international photographer based in South Florida. I specialize in being a wedding photographer, sports photographer, travel photographer and portrait photographer. I am a contributor for Getty Images and iStock as well as Adobe Stock. You can also find me on the sidelines of the NFL, NHL and the MLB as I work for those leagues as a photographer. Not only on  my website can you find my portfolio of work, I also have numerous blog posts ranging from tips and tricks to game day photos from the various game I work for.








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nhl all-star skills

NHL All-Star Skills Competition

While the NHL All-Star game is the premier event during All-Star weekend, it’s hard not to keep an eye on the NHL All-Star Skills Competition. The Skills competition usually takes place the day before the All-Star

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tampa bay buccaneers

How to Photograph Football Games

It’s that marvelous time of year where everything is pumpkin spice and Home Depot already has their Christmas decorations out before the Halloween ones. And yes, I’m also talking about every weekend from here till February

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puerto rico wedding photographer

Gear is Important in Photography

Most will tell you that when it comes to photography that gear isn’t important. It’s all about knowing composition, lighting and the Pythagorean theory. I joke about the Pythagorean theory, but I wouldn’t be shocked if

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