Orange Bowl Basketball Classic

It’s not often I get the opportunity to photograph college basketball, but when the Orange Bowl Basketball Classic came around again this year, I couldn’t pass it up. With having a year of shooting firsts like the Team USA Water Polo or shooting for two different MLS teams earlier on in the year, it was only right that I finally dipped my toes into the college basketball pool. It’s just weird it took me this long.

Thinking about it I could have just slept in my car at the Amerant Bank Arena the night before since I was there covering a Florida Panthers game for the NHL. It was pretty impressive how fast those workers were able to disassemble the rink and put up the basketball court. It’s always those types of people who are the unsung heroes in sports.

The Orange Bowl Basketball Classic featured two games. The first was the University of South Florida versus Florida State and the second game featured the University of Florida against the University of Richmond Spiders.

Granted these teams aren’t NCAA powerhouse teams at the moment, but it was still fun to get out on the hardwood and capture some basketball.

Like photographing any sport there are rules when shooting. For basketball Rule #1 is bring a cushioned chair to sit on. They don’t call it the hardwood for nothing. And you’ll feel it in your back and butt for sure afterwards.

Since I wasn’t shooting for an outlet or a team this time around, I was able to shoot the games just for me. I didn’t have to worry about transmitting between quarters or focusing on certain players. I could just focus on the game and nothing but the game.

Overall it was a fun experience. Granted both games ended in blowouts, but like I said I was there to shoot for fun and fun was had. Can’t wait till next year’s Orange Bowl Basketball Classic!

Here are some photos from the games and more can be seen on my Instagram page

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