Key Biscayne Fashion Shoot

Look who is back, Camille Kaye. I came to Camille with an idea for a shoot back in October but with conflicting schedules it was hard to get the right time in. She had some free time yesterday so we decided to make a run for it and see how my idea would turn out.

The day didn’t get off to the best of starts, I overslept and she woke up with a migraine, so we pushed out start time back a bit to see if she would be feeling better. We hooked up in the afternoon and headed down to Key Biscayne for the shoot. The idea I had was to have her by the water and eventually in the water wearing a sun dress.

So we’re in the car as she is putting on her make up and the kind of friendship I have with her is one where we talk smack so we were going back and forth talking smack to each other. She had to put on her dress so I walked away from the car so she can change and when she was done she would meet me where I was at. So Camille comes to me saying she is having a hard time zipping up the dress. I’m like cool, I’ll do it. Well the zipper was literally stuck in the dress and there was no way it would go up any further from where it was. We tried and I mean we tried everything to get that zipper up and nothing was working. My whole idea was this dress in the water and it looked like it was going to be a deal breaker. So I had an idea, which was ghetto but still an idea. I had these clamps I used to hold down reflectors to lightstands in the wind and I went and grabbed one. You should have seen the look on her face when I brought out this clamp, but you know what? The clamp idea worked. Well worked if I wasn’t shooting her from the back.

Camille and myself were talking about how we always have something go wrong in our shoots. One time we lost her pants on Biscayne Blvd. Another time we drove damn near to West Palm Beach and got kicked out of the fire house and now this. The point was no matter what the set back we always found a way around it. It’s always an adventure.

We walk along the beach and we find this empty spot for us to shoot. There weren’t too many people out there because the weather had been rainy and cloudy which worked for us because I wanted a melancholy feel for her. We began shooting and it was good, but it got better once we got in the water. I had shorts on so I went into the water as well but I knelt down and a small wave came and well, I was swimming to say the least. Camille was awesome in the water. She took my idea and ran with it.

The best part of the shoot was when she was on her hands and knees in the water. I asked if she wanted to do it and she was all for it. I always seem to do crazy things with Camille in part because she always says yes. I had her on the bridge on Brickell Ave, I had her on top of a fire truck and now I had her ruining the dress by basically crawling in the water.

As soon as we wrapped this location, the clouds built up and the thunder began to roar. We ran to the car and then the skies opened and it rained and rained. I drove to the next spot and we just sat there waiting for the rain to end. She was touching up her makeup and I was on a conference call for some other business. Lord knows how long we sat in that car, but it finally did stop raining.

The clouds looked ominous still so I tried to hurry through the next location which was the lighthouse on Key Biscayne. Problem was that all these tourists came out of no where and basically they were in every shot. It was like someone shut off the lights and the roaches came out to play. Some European tourists are going home with souvenir shots of Camille, that’s for sure.

The rain picked up again as we went to the last location which was on Biscayne Bay overlooking downtown Miami. So we sat in the car again, waiting for the rain to end. The rain subsided to a light sprinkle so Camille hopped out of the car and said, “Let’s do this.” So we get out there and Camille must of been tired because the poor girl kept laughing and making funny faces the whole time. At this point I was laughing along with her. It was all fun with us as usual

The Clamp

Camille Kaye

Black and White Camille

Model Camille

Camille in Water

Side by side Camille

The biter

Miami Camille

Silly Camille

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