The Dream Team

The Dream Team consists of Dean aka the SilverFoxx and Vince aka the StoneGroove and their combined talent rocks Miami Prime each and every Friday night. Their conquest of the entertainment industry in Miami has already begun. The SilverFoxx spins records from the old school and the new school so that everyone gets the proper education that the politicians keep mentioning while the StoneGroove keeps the party jumping by getting the crowd all into it. The StoneGroove has been known to break out some Prince, Michael Jackson and James Brown moves out on the dance floor. That in itself is worth seeing.

Since Dean and Vince are family, I had no problems helping them out with the shoot. We shot it poolside at the Midtown 4 condos where Dean and his fiance, Jenean, live. The weather was abysmal. Dark nasty clouds with just awful light all around, but we found ways to make it work. I had them stand at one end of the pool while I was at the other shooting with the 70-200. I wanted the reflections in the pool to be a part of the photos. I felt it would give it some extra pop; however, the extra pop came from Vince’s blue alligator shoes. Very few people can pull those off like Vince.

We then proceeded to move to the other side where the city of Miami’s skyline was in the background. Miami from any vantage point is beautiful. We even had the new Florida Marlins’ stadium that is being built in the background. We went back to Dean’s condo for a quick wardrobe change where we came up with the idea of trying to shoot inside the Vintage Liquor & Wine Bar that was located downstairs. Special thanks to Rosie at Vintage Liquors for letting us shoot inside the store. Thankfully it was in the early afternoon and there weren’t a lot of patrons in the store at that time.

After that we went back to the condo with the newly purchased bottle of Johnnie Walker Black and had a celebratory drink or two. Jenean was kind enough to make us dinner and we went into Dean’s studio to listen to his newly produced beats he was working on for some artists. After a few more drinks, some pizza and the viewing of the Step Brothers movie, it was officially a party. I do want to say there is video of someone getting his eyebrows done and I won’t say who, but you know who you are hahahahaha.

Check out the shoes.

I won’t lie I was terrified we would knock over bottles of alcohol.

This is by far the best shot from the shoot.

My birthday is 12/22 and if you need any ideas here are a few. Or you can surprise me any day of the week lol

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