The Carnival

On my way to the gym one night I noticed a carnival being set up right next to my gym. I’ve always wanted to photography a carnival and now was a better time than any. I’ve always love the carnival. The food, the games and especially the rides. Who could not have fun at a carnival?

Lucky for me on this night, the carnival wasn’t too crowded. I walked the entire carnival figuring out which shots I wanted to take etc. As I was photographing the rides and games, the carnival workers aka “the carnies” didn’t seem to happy about me photographing the games and rides. Or maybe they always look the miserable. I won’t lie I was waiting for a midget to distract me while the bearded lady came and wrestled my camera away. Luckily no such events took place.

A lot of the rides were empty because nobody was there. There were no lines for games or food. Hell, practically no one was playing games. All the carnies kept asking me to “test my luck,” but after seeing the movie, “Adventureland”, I knew all the inner workings of those games. I think the only game not rigged was the dart toss game where you have to burst a balloon, but even then I’m still highly suspicious.

Ferris Wheel

Food stand

carinval rids

Carnival Food

No Line

Round and Round

Ferris Wheel

Step Right Up

Dobby Horses

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