Turning 40

turning 40

I guess there are many ways one can go about turning 40. There is the classic midlife crisis moment where I could pull into the drive way in a new sports car and them have my wife kill me on the spot. I could wallow in misery that my life is half over and that I’m closer to the Denny’s senior discount then I am to being 21. For me, turning 40, was just another milestone in my life’s journey and one that has many more milestones to go.

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Dolphins Beat the Bengals

Tyler Boyd

It’s not every day you get to spend your 40th birthday on the sidelines of an NFL game. And it’s not every day that game goes from a laugher to a thriller in overtime where the Dolphins beat the Bengals 38-35, but I’ll take. Any day on the sidelines photographing the NFL is a great day.

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