Photography and Videography are Not the Same

There seems to be this misconception that photography and videography are the same thing or better yet interchangeable like a lens. Yes, the majority of cameras these days come with HD video capabilities, but the doesn’t make everyone a videographer. This is a big difference between photo and video, Photography and videography are not the same.

I always get a plethora of inquiries asking do I include videography in my services and the answer is it depends. I’m a photographer first and foremost and just because my camera has video capabilities doesn’t mean I also shoot video. Do I shoot video for my sports photography? Yes, but I will be the first to admit that I’m not the greatest nor do I enjoy videography that much.

Differences in Photography and Videography

How can there be differences if you’re using the same camera? There is quite a huge difference in being a photographer and videographer. For videography you need stabilizers, gimbals, microphones, audio cords, headphones and so on. For photography, I need none of those things. For me I have so much photography gear that I haul around with me to begin with and trying to now add all the equipment needed for videography, it becomes too much honestly.

Editing photos and videos are also completely different. Video editing is so much more time consuming and editing intensive. Editing photos for me takes up so much of my time that me trying to edit videos has me wanting to stab my eyes with a dull pencil. Not to mention that you need separate software for editing photos and videos.

Are there people who shoot both video and photo? Absolutely. There are also people who just shoot strictly photo or video. It’s each person’s preference. There are amazing photographers who can’t shoot video and vice versa.

The way a photographer sees a photo and the way a videographer sees a scene are two completely different things. There are similarities in how light shapes the scene for both, but that is where the similarities end. With photography you’re freezing a moment in time while in videography you’re capturing moments continuously. Videographers are constantly moving and maneuvering around objects to get their shots in. Photographers can stand still for the most part when taking photos. There are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part you don’t see photographers running out behind players taking photos; it’s the videographers.

Is one better than the other? Of course not. It all comes down to preference. I would love to be more proficient with my video capabilities; however, as I stated before I’m a photographer first and foremost.

Next time you’re looking for a videographer don’t just assume every photographers does video because our cameras have the capability. Same goes with videographer; not all videographers shoot still photos.

Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

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