Miami vs Nebraska

Some games are easier to photograph than others and this Miami vs. Nebraska game was not one of them. Not only I had to contend with temperatures over 100 degrees on the field, there were tons of other photographers at the game, more so than usual, and not to mention fighting with ESPN for field position. Just another day at the office.

The buzz going into this Miami vs. Nebraska game was pretty big and with ESPN televising the game, I knew real estate along the sidelines would be a premium. What I didn’t foresee was the usually high amount of other photographers. Nebraska had a big contingent of their own photographers, but there were just more photographers there than there were against Florida State.

The real battle for the sidelines and endzone is with the ESPN crew. Because they were carrying the Miami vs. Nebraska game, they, in their minds, thought they could do as they please. On several occasions I had a spot on the sideline and then the ESPN guys would just walk right in front of me and say, “We’re TV.” basically implying they were more important and perhaps so, but they didn’t need to be jerks about it. Other photographers shared the same fate and in the photo room you can hear the stories flowing about how a shot was missed because an ESPN guy ran into his shot.

The real killer of this game was the heat. It was beyond hot. I applied sunblock 3 different times and still got some color. Sweating was a given and there is nothing more uncomfortable than sweating through your shirt and have it cling to your body like your friendly neighborhood stalker.

The game itself was interesting. Miami built a big lead then blew it in the 4th quarter and the game went into OT. In OT, the Hurricanes were able to pull a victory. It was definitely a roller coaster ride of a game.

Granted it wasn’t easy to photograph the game, but I had fun. Always being out there on the field makes it that much more enjoyable. I’m looking forward to the next home game when Clemson comes to town.

Sunlife Stadium Tunnel

Sunlife Stadium

Sebastian the Ibis greets fans

Miami Hurricanes Fans

West Endzone Cru

Hurricane Fans

Miami Hurricane Cheerleaders

Miami Hurricane Walk

Brad Kaaya at warm ups

Hurricane players walk to warmups

Miami Dolphins great Dan Marino watches Hurricanes warmups

Specially designed adidas cleats

Sebastian the Ibis leads the team out

Brad Kaaya Calls out the defense

Herb Waters lines up on offense

Nebraska QB Tommy Armstrong throws a pass

Nebraska Cornhuskers Football

Jermaine Grace celebrates a tackle for a loss

Brad Kaaya throws a pass against Nebraska

Joseph Yearby runs for a touchdown

Herb Waters runs up the sideline

Mark Walton runs against Nebraska

Nebraska Cornhusker fans

Nebraska Cornhuskers bench

Stanley Morgan Jr. lines up for a plau

Rashawn Scott hauls in a pass

Nebraska Cornhuskers lineman

Michael Badgley celebrates his game winning kick

Jerald Foster walks back to the lockerroom after a loss to MIami

Freedom Akinmoladun walks off after a loss to Miami

Brad Kaaya shakes hands after the game

Al Golden talks to ESPN after beating Nebraska in OT

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