Miami Hurricanes vs Wake Forest

Going into the Miami Hurricanes and Wake Forest game, it felt different. The Hurricanes were 6-0 and ranked #7 in the BCS standings. Earlier in the week the punishment from the NCAA had come down and the Miami Hurricanes basically came away unscathed and this game against the Demon Deacons was suppose to be the warmup game to the FSU game which will be the next game. I won’t lie I was excited to get into the stadium and shoot.

Too bad all my high hopes and expectations for the game never happened. The crowd never showed up and I guess you can say the same about the Miami Hurricanes team. They basically played awful for 3 quarters while Wake Forest was just picking them apart. It was a frustrating day all around.

The action behind the lens was great. Another week where I anticipated the action and placed myself in prime spots. One play Miami Hurricanes QB, Stephen Morris, over threw his receiver and the ball landed at my feet and bounced up and hit me. Knowing that my friends are big Hurricanes fans I was counting the seconds before my phone started to ring with texts about me getting hit and sure enough the texts started to pour in with all the jokes etc. Here is the photo I took right before the ball landed by me.


As the game went on I found myself conversing with other photographers who ended up sitting next to me in the endzone. Usually the same photographers stick to their little circles during the game but I found myself mingling with more photographers each week. There was one play where Duke Johnson had clearly scored a touchdown but the refs waved it off. The photographer next to me asked if I got the shot and I showed him and he was like I got the same thing.

Hopefully the Miami Hurricanes can defeat the Florida State Seminoles and keep their undefeated season intact.















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