Miami Marine Stadium Fashion Shoot

So there are times when I like to do things I’m not suppose to. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s the thrill; maybe I’m crazy. Yesterday was one of those days. I’ve had an idea to have a Miami fashion shoot with the lovely Lorell inside the abandoned Miami Marine Stadium on Key Biscayne and lucky for me, she was up to being as mischievous as me.

So like two criminals we drove by the stadium scoping out the best possible way in without being noticed. We identified a weak link in the gate and we parked and made our way towards criminal trespassing charges. I did inform Lorell that if the cops came for her to run and I would take the pinch for trespassing.

Once we got into the stadium, we noticed all the walls and facades were full of graffiti which worked out for me because my whole idea for the shoot was a dirty, grungy location but have a pretty girl there to accent the contrast between gritty and pretty. Thank God Lorell and myself were inside the stadium at the time we were because a thunderstorm rolled by and just brought an obscene amount of rain to the area.

We spent about 2 hours shooting inside the stadium itself in the aisles, up on the catwalks etc. Then we decided to head underneath where there were ramps and walkways. Bad move. We were attacked by these vicious, blood sucking mosquitoes. We would swat one off and like 30 were there to replace it. It was bad. We didn’t even finish all the shots because we were getting eaten alive. Even inside the car we were still killing these vile creatures. Poor Lorell’s back was full of bite marks from these things.

Other than being attacked by flying insects, I thought we had a great day. Here are some pics from the Miami fashion shoot:

Lorell Vertical

Lorell Leaning Against Wall

Lorell on Railing

Lorell with pole

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