Hotel Villa Caletas – Costa Rica’s Hidden Gem

Nestled atop a mountain surrounded by the lush, tropical rainforests of Costa Rica lays a hidden gem of this Central American country: Hotel Villa Caletas. Hotel Villa Caletas is a stone’s throw away from one of Costa Rica’s surfing capitals, Jaco. If waking up to the call of exotic birds and animals as well as seeing some of the most spectacular sunset destinations in the world, then you need to give Hotel Villa Caletas a try.

Villa Caletas is an hour’s drive from the capital city of San Jose and the drive is just a bevy of scenic locations. Deep ravines with rivers crossing through them to high mountains ranges accentuated by volcanoes is just some of the sights you will see on your drive. Villa Caletas sits atop a mountain a mile or so from the main road and as you ascend to the top you can see the Pacific Ocean in the distance with the rainforest between you and the ocean.

When I first visited Hotel Villa Caletas nearly three years ago I fell in love with it and with Costa Rica. I had taken my girlfriend there for her 30th birthday. Fast forward nearly three years, I had my wedding at the Zephyr Palace, a small, exclusive palace like hotel room which resides on the property of the Hotel Villa Caletas. What made my wife and myself want to go back was first the scenic views, but more importantly we knew the staff would take care of us and our wedding as if we were part of their family. Forget the rainforest, the seductive views of the Pacific Ocean, it was the staff that brought us back and will keep bringing us back again and again. Beyond friendly and courteous, the staff goes out of their way to make your trip a memorable one.

A prime example is a bellhop by the name of Geovanni. We met him our first time there. We were taken back by his ability to carry several suitcases up and down numerous flights of stairs all the while holding a conversation. He was a skinny man, but had the strength of a lumberjack and had an amazing personality. When we back for our wedding we ran into him outside the main office and to our surprise he remembered our names. He talked to us as if we were friends catching up after a few months of not communicating. Then and there I knew we had picked the right location for our wedding.

Have you ever zip lined in the rainforest? Or how about horseback riding up a mountain to a secluded waterfall? You can do that and more at Villa Caletas. There are numerous tours and excursions offered and everyone is worth it. If you don’t want to leave the resort you could lounge at one of the many infinity pools or take a jeep ride down the mountain to their private beach. I did all that and more. It was how vacations were intended to be, memorable in every sense of the word.

With a couple of dining options available on the premises you can enjoy a meal with a tropical paradise as your back drop. The food, all natural and organic with most of the fruits and vegetables grown on the property, was every bit delicious. If you wanted to venture into Jaco for dinner or a night on the town, it was just a short cab ride away.

Hotel Villa Caletas offers a wide range of rooms from a standard room all the way up to a villa. The suites and villas either have pools or Jacuzzis, but they all have the most breath taking views. At night you can hear the monkeys hooting and hollering from the rainforest floor. And in the morning you’ll be waking up to the toucans outside your patio foresting for food among the trees. The suites and villas were the size, if not bigger, than a 1 bedroom apartment. My favorite part of staying there is the soap they make. It smells like heaven on earth and if I could buy and ship to the states I would.

I discovered what heaven would feel like when I stayed at Hotel Villa Caletas. I think you would experience the same type of enjoyment if you went. So what are you waiting for? Get that passport ready and head to the gem of Costa Rica!

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