Firefighter Themed Photo Shoot

After many false starts, I was able to finally finish the Firehouse shoot with Camille Kaye. Let me tell you we absolutely killed it. I can honestly say we all had a blast with this shoot and it is by far and away the best work I’ve ever done. Camille is amazing and when she gets into it or gets excited then you know we’re about to do some craziness and have fun doing it.

The only drawback from doing this shoot is all the driving involved. I had to pick Camille up in Miami and drive to our secret location an hour or so away. This time Camille came armed with magazines to pass the time. I forgot to bring the Teen People and Us Weekly magazines for her but I did have her Redbull handy. What Camille forgot and what many don’t realize is that I’m one of the best car dancers around and I had to remind her. When Kelly Rowland’s, “Motivation“, song came on I had to bust out my moves for her. Of course the people in the next car stared at me like I was nuts but it’s ok.

So we got to the Firehouse and began shooting on a truck that was parked outside. The pictures were great and we decided to let her use the fire hose and that was when all the fun broke out. She was just spraying the hose and working it for the camera when she either sneezed or something and the water splashed her. At that point I was like you’re already wet might as well just run with it. And run with it we did. Every other shot I was muttering how amazing these will turn out. I think I’m right, check them out below:

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