Downtown Miami Photo Shoot With Camille Kaye

I’m super excited to share this blog post with y’all about the photo shoot I did this past Wednesday with Camille Kaye. I knew Camille as the quiet waitress working at Miami Prime, but it wasn’t until my brother-in-law, Dean, told her I was a photographer did we get a chance to sit down and talk. I showed her my work and we talked for about 30 minutes and she wanted me to give her some ideas as to a potential shoot. Camille then proceeded to show me her website,, that I learned she was a very talented singer. I’m dead serious about her talent. Fast forward to late Tuesday night when we were texting back and forth and decided to do a the shoot Wednesday afternoon. I don’t think any of us thought it would have gone so well.

I had this idea to photograph her inside a Miami Metromover that runs along Biscayne Blvd. and downtown Miami, so we met up at Miami Prime and headed down that way. I thought I would need some help with my Lastolite Tri-grip reflector so I brought along some extra muscle in the form of Vince aka “The StoneGroove.” Driving down I could tell she was nervous and didn’t know what to expect so me and Vince started clowning around and reminiscing about some of the crazy ass things we did years ago. That seemed to put her at ease at bit knowing we just wanted to have fun.

The first shot of the day was inside the Metromover. Camille came wearing some sweatpants but as soon as we hopped in the Metromover she took the sweatpants off. You should have seen the look on people’s faces when she took those off to reveal these black fishnet stocking and black shorts. After that everyone was watching us. As soon as we started shooting I knew we were in for a great day. Camille did not need any direction at all, the girl was a pro. And those eyes. Her eyes were so seductive and it shows throughout the whole set of photos. Vince was having the most fun though, always commenting and giving pose ideas. I’m glad he came along, he had me cracking up the whole time. After I showed Camille the photos I took you saw her get excited and we just took off from that.

We all walked around behind this hotel on the Miami River that had some interesting art and sculptures along the walkway adjacent to the river. I need to reiterate how enjoyable Camille made the day for us. In between me switching lenses she would just singing and dancing. She was doing her own thing and Vince and myself just watched. As we were shooting former NBA player and head coach, Maurice Cheeks, walked by and glanced over at what we were doing. So we had to be doing something right. We moved down to this part of the wall where it looked like it had bent PVC pipes coming out and going into a different part of the wall. After doing some shots, both Camille and Vince had this look in their eye and they both thought what if we suspend her in the air as she holds on to the PVC pipe looking things. Sure enough, we tried it and it worked. It was entertaining to watch Camille go from a seductive look to laughing and smiling in a quick second only to jump right back to being seductive.

Our last stop for the day was on the Brickell Ave. drawbridge. I wanted to shoot her with the buildings in the background and after a we got the shots it was almost a done deal. Well, it was until Vince had this crazy idea we have Camille stand on the barrier on the bridge while I shot across from the other side. Best part was Camille was excited and willing to do it. I told them it would have to be quick because the bridge attendant was probably going to scold us for doing it so we had to move quick. I made my way across the bridge to the other side and signaled over to them and Vince picked up Camille and helped her onto the barrier. Thank God for Vince’s idea. The shots were amazing.

To celebrate a great day we headed over to Midtown Miami to a restaurant called, 100 Montaditos, where every Wednesday everything on their menu is a $1. We met up at Dean’s place and proceeded to have beer and food. It was a great time had by all. I just hope every shoot was as fun as this one.

Make sure to visit Camille’s website here. As well as her Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and YouTube.

I wasn’t lying about her eyes.

Now you see why Maurice Cheeks did a double take.

My favorite photo, hands down.

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