A Fire Station Photo Shoot

When I first was about to photograph the talented Camille Kaye she let me listen to some of her songs so I could come up with ideas for a shoot etc. When I heard one song, “Ring Di Alarm”, I had this idea for like a fire truck or fire house type of a shoot. Yesterday we made that idea a reality, even if it was a brief reality.

We’ve been waiting a while to get approval to do this shoot and when we did, I think we were all excited about the possibilities. As much as I would like to give a special thanks to the fire house, I can’t. This shoot in “theory” never happened. However gratitude was expressed to the parties involved for allowing us to use their facilities.

I picked up Camille around noon time and we took the long journey to the fire house. When we arrived I saw all the trucks and my eyes lit up like a kid in the candy store. We got Camille some energy drinks to wake up after that long drive as I was setting up my gear. I just want to repeat from a previous post how much I love shooting Camille. She needs very little direction if any. She is a natural and always up to try things. She could make shooting her in a hurricane look effortless. Of course with hurricane season starting in a few weeks we may get the chance to prove that theory.

Our first shot was to have Camille on top of all the hoses that sit on the top of fire truck. She must of been up close to 20 feet above the ground. I was in a rolling ladder at the same height just 15 feet away. I had to ask some of the fire personnel there to keep the fire extinguisher near by because I know how Camille can heat up a photo shoot and sure enough she did. In between the serious looks we were all able to crack jokes so we can see her captivating smile.

The next shot was having Camille stand on the same rolling ladder holding the tool fire fighters use to rip down ceilings. The tool was like a spear like looking instrument. Thankfully Camille didn’t feel like the Spartan King Leonidas and try to impale anyone with the spear.

Our third shot was unfortunately our final shot of the day. As I was shooting her standing on back on the fire truck an unexpected visit by the battalion chief prompted us to shut down early. It was too bad because we were just about to get into it. Afterward the fire house chief came out and apologized saying how he didn’t know the battalion chief was dropping by and he had to play up to the brass etc. He said we could come back again when it would be a bit more safer for us. He was quite gracious and genuinely seemed disappointed we couldn’t continue.

We’ll be back at the fire house soon enough. We pretended to get an “official tour” to appease the battalion chief but in reality we were walking through our next shots. Camille is excited which makes all of us excited. So stay tuned for part 2 of our fire house shoot. I’ll also post some behind the scenes videos later on this week.

If you want to catch Camille in concert before she becomes a big star and her nose bleed section tickets are over $100, she is performing on May 22nd at the Talent Farm in Pembroke Pines, FL. I already bought my ticket and I highly recommend you buy yours now. Tickets can be purchased here.

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