Bowling For Barack

Earlier this week I was contacted by Blythe Robinson to photograph the Bowling For Barack event at the Lucky Strikes Bowling Alley in Miami Beach. I agreed to volunteer my time and photograph the event. I figured it would be a great opportunity to rub elbows and network a little.

Bowling For Barack was a rally and a fundraiser for President Barack Obama held on the evening of the first Presidential debates in four cities, NYC, DC, San Fransisco and Miami. Although I try my best to abstain from sharing my political views, I do support Barack Obama and I felt volunteering my time to his re-election campaign was something I wanted to be a part of, even if it was just the tiniest of contributions on my part. Every little bit helps I guess.

As I arrived at Lucky Strikes I was greeted by some staff of the Obama campaign and I was immediately asked to sign all these non-disclosure forms. So no photos in this blog post. Just my words. The whole venue was rented out and decorated in Barack Obama signage etc.

I surveyed the venue and Blythe informed me she would let me know who are some of the more important people to photograph etc. While there I ran into people I met through DJ SilveFoxx such as DJ Self Born, Marlon Hill and Jon Saxx just to name a few.

Supporters streamed into the venue through out the evening partaking in bowling, playing pool and enjoying the refreshments provided. Local and state politicians were also in attendance mingling with their constituents. There were also former athletes such as Desmond Howard and the night’s biggest guest, Alonzo Mourning.

Alonzo took the time to thank people for coming out as well spoke in depth about his beliefs for the campaign etc. Prior to the start of the debate he gave a few words and stressed the importance for voting and getting others registered to vote. Like his time as a professional basketball player he spoke with passion and I can only hope his words resonated with people.

I didn’t stay for the debates as I was only asked to stay for a couple of hours prior to. I walked away with some great shots of the event. I left with the satisfaction that I felt I did a good thing. Granted I don’t have millions to donate to the campaign but a little of my time was the least I could do. I’m also excited for the possible opportunities that may come later due to my networking efforts.

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