Walking Around Boston

Walking around Boston is a gold mine for street photography. The old history of Boston mixed with the new development is perfect for urban exploration. With accessible transportation and easy to walk streets, you have the resources necessary to take a day and wander around the city.

The inner street photographer in me loves walking around Boston. From the old, brick factories of South Boston to the ever changing seaport and up to the financial district. For me, I have this fascination with urban fire escapes. And luckily, Boston is littered with them.

Just walking around Boston you can see how the new development stands out in stark contrast to old, brick buildings that are plastered all over the city. It’s pretty neat to see the battle for the people who adore the past of the city while others are embracing the new. I’m sure there will be more new development in Boston which will one day overtake the old part of the city.

Boston isn’t that big of a city and it doesn’t take long to walk from one end to the other. What is great about Boston is that each neighborhood has it’s own identity. From the cobblestone streets of Little Italy to the ornate Asian designs in Chinatown, you can tell what neighborhood you’re in. Even in Back Bay where the brownstone homes are dwarfed by the glass buildings of the Prudential Tower behind them you can find the mix of old and new. Well, the Prudential isn’t new, but the all glass design is definitely an upgrade from a brick siding.

My favorite area in Boston was the intersection of the seaport and South Boston areas. The old brick factory buildings line the area. Once home to companies such as Necco Candy, they’re now being turned into retail, office and condo spaces. The Seaport also is changing, gaining new and modern buildings altering the Boston skyline. I love walking the back alleys and just exploring. That is what is great about doing some urban exploring in Boston; there is plenty for you to see.

If you ever get the chance to visit Boston, soak in the history of it while admiring the new that is sprouting up all around. Walk around the city and explore for yourself. There is definitely plenty to see.

Boston fire escape
Melcher Street, South Boston
Melcher Street, South Boston
South Boston
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boston urban photography
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post office square boston
Post Office Square
Congress Street, Boston
Congress Street
financial district boston
downtown boston
boston financial district
boston downtown
Congress Street
Congress Street
Boston Holocaust Memorial
Boston Holocaust Memorial
south boston walkway

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