Think Tank Pro Speed Belt – Product Review

As a wedding photographer and sports photographer, I have grappled with the issue of finding a way to quickly access different lenses and other gear. I’ve tried different types of bag, shoulder harnesses and every gadget and gizmo in between. It wasn’t until I discovered the Think Tank Pro Speed Belt combined with the the modular belt system by Think Thank Photo that I truly found something that works for me in every situation.

After a wedding or shooting a football game with a backpack, shoulder bag or harness, my shoulders and back would ache. They also weren’t the most efficient when it came to me swapping out lenses or looking for a new memory card. And shooting either a wedding or sporting event you need to be quick changing out gear as there are no redoes if you miss the shot.

What intrigued my with the Think Tank Pro Speed Belt was my interest in using the SpiderPro camera holster. I like the SpiderPro holster system, but I wasn’t a fan of their belts that came with it. Their belts only allowed me to have the SpiderPro camera holster and that’s it. I wanted more flexibility and when I saw that I could use the SpiderPro camera holster with the Think Tank Pro Speed Belt; I didn’t hesitate in pulling the trigger with the purchase.

Attaching the SpiderPro camera holster to the Think Tank Pro Speed Belt was as easy as snapping my fingers together. There were a few screws needed to be inserted around the belt to hold the holster together and that was the extent of the amount of work needed. And when I tried the belt on with the camera holster I was amazed at how I didn’t feel a thing. All the weight was around my hips and like Shakira, these hips don’t lie. I would have never had known I was carrying around a camera on my waist; that was how amazing that belt was.

Accompanying my SpiderPro camera holster, I have several pouches incorporated into my Think Tank Pro Speed Belt. The pouches slide right into the belt loops on the belt and I was afraid they would move if I had to run, but after running up and down at numerous sporting events I can say these pouches don’t move one bit. The pouches come in various sizes and I have them for my 70-200, 24-70 and one for my 12-24 lenses. I also have a pouch for my flash as well as one that I keep my poncho and lens rain cover in. When I’m not using a flash at sports I put my sports bars and water in the pouch. You would think having all that gear on one belt would wear me down, but it doesn’t. I use a single strap harness that goes over my shoulder and connects on either side of the speed belt to give me more stability. There is a harness offered by Think Thank Photo, but I haven’t quite had the need for that one yet.

A perk with some of the lens pouches is that some can expand by unzipping the bottom zipper. Not to mention they all come with a protective rain cover that slides over the pouch and each pouch has a drawstrings that close the top of the pouch so nothing escapes while you’re moving.

I like the fact that with my Think Tank Pro Speed Belt I can customize it to fit my needs. I’m not forced to use a product I’m not 100% comfortable with. All the lens pouches are interchangeable and everything I need is right on my hip. No more opening bag flaps, digging around trying to find a lens cap or memory card. When the belt is on, I know where everything is. I’m all about ease and efficiency and I have both with my speed belt.

If you’re a wedding photographer or a sports photographer and you’re looking for a system to help alleviate the pain from bags, then I would highly recommend the Think Tank Pro Speed Belt for you to use. I’ve noticed a lot more pros on the sidelines using the belt and the accompanying modular system. You cannot beat the price, comfort and peace of mind knowing your gear is both protected and readily available for you.

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