A Plantation, FL Wedding

So initially I was going to wait later on the week to post a blog update about the Benedict’s wedding this past weekend, but we’re all still talking about it today on Facebook and I was like why not just keep the conversation going. Where do I begin? The ceremony was great, but the reception was a party for the ages. I just hope I captured it well enough to tell the story of how much of a good time we all had. If you didn’t have a good time at this wedding then you have no soul and are destined for a boring and uneventful life.

Let me start off by saying that I’m thrilled that they asked me to photograph their wedding and even happier I was there to witness true love coming together. If you missed my previous post about these two then you need to check it out. They’re such an awesome couple together. They just make everyone around them happier.

The ceremony was just like them, humble and elegant at the same time. Hayley had such a smile on her as she walked down the aisle that was adorned with rose petals and Alex couldn’t contain his joy either. To me the best part was when the priest asked Alex to recite his vows, Alex was so lost in Hayley’s eyes that for a moment he forgot his name. Those two just smiled at each other the entire time and though there were people there, it was like it was just them there.

Now, I can’t give everything away from the reception because well, it was out of control in the best way imaginable. After the first dance was over, the party broke out. Music and entertainment were provided by the groomsmen and partners in crime, The SilverFoxx and StoneGroove. They had everyone partying all night long with Soca, Salsa and old school jams. Plus being that we’re from Miami, we had to get some of that good old Miami Bass set in there as well. The drinks were flowing, the laughter echoing through out the reception and enough bright smiles to power a NYC blackout. Basically it was a party and everyone had a great time.

I wish Alex and Hayley nothing but a lifetime of love and happiness. I’ll see y’all next week to help you move. Hope there are still some bottles laying around for afterwards.

As Hayley gets ready, she reads a note Alex left for her.

I know nothing about wedding dresses but Hayley’s was amazing.

If you know Hayley then you know her shoe game is top notch.

This picture says it all. My favorite.

All eyes were on them, as it should be.

What is a party without a Soul Train line?

When I say everyone was dancing, I mean everyone.

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