Hollywood Beach Couples Photo Shoot

After weeks of trying to find the right time to photograph Tamara and Erick we were able to get together this past Monday for a couples shoot. On Valentine’s Day of all days. Tamara had thoughts about going to the Miami Metro Zoo as a location but time and distance were a constraint and we ultimately settled on going to Hollywood Beach. The weather could not have been anymore spectacular.

I arrived a few minutes before they did so I walked around and found a few spots I wanted to shoot them in. Hollywood Beach has a great boardwalk filled with shops and restaurants. It’s really a great venue for a photo shoot. Hollywood Beach isn’t as hip as South Beach but it was packed with people eager to frolic in the sand and water.

I met up with Tamara and Erick on the boardwalk and we went over to in front of the stage on the boardwalk for the first couple of shots. I just wanted to get them comfortable with me photographing them with people gawking at them as I take their photos. They were a little nervous at first and it showed in the photos. We proceeded to this little shack next and you could see them starting to ease up and enjoy themselves a bit.

We moved around to a few more spots and Erick spotted a playground and he wanted to hang upside from this ladder. After that all nervousness and uneasiness went away. They both were laughing and smiling, interacting with each other. Having a good time. Every time I found a new location they were up for it and they had fun with it. It ended up being a great time. After we were done I went home and they stayed to eat at this Greek restaurant on the boardwalk for their Valentine’s Day Dinner. Not a bad way to end a great shoot.

I don’t think Tamara caught this, but I did!

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