SpiderPro Camera Holster

For a while I was trying different bags and harnesses trying to find something that would work for me as a wedding and sports photographer. I had all but given up hope trying to find something to make my shooting days easier on my back and shoulders and that was when I was introduced to the SpiderPro camera holster by Spider Holster. It revolutionized the way I photographed weddings and sporting events.

The SpiderPro camera holster system has a few different configurations. You can have a single system or double which basically is that you have two camera holsters. While Spider Holster offers camera belts for their products they also offer a system compatible for people who want to use a different belt. I was one of those people who opted for to use my SpiderPro camera holster with my ThinkTank Pro Speed Belt. No system is wrong; you just have to find what works best for you.

Configuring the holster to my ThinkTank belt was a matter of adding a few screws around the belt. That was it; nothing complicated at all. I added the pad and then I placed the holster right on top of that. The best part is that once I added the SpiderPro plate and pin to the bottom of my camera I was ready to roll.

I can still remember the first time I slid my camera into the holster and heard that click. It was the sound of that click that let me know I made the right choice. I was trying to pull the camera out with force, but the SpiderPro camera holster wasn’t having it. That is how secure my camera was. And to pull release my camera from the holster was a snap. I just hit the release lever on the side of the holster and my camera was free.

On a side note I felt like some old Western cowboy holstering his six shooter. In the words of Doc Holiday from the movie, “Tombstone,” he said, “I’m your Huckleberry.”

When I’m photographing a wedding and I need to adjust lights; before I had to put my camera down or place it in a bag and adjust the lights. Now I just holster my camera, fix the lights and remove the camera from the holster when I’m ready to shoot. It’s a time saver and in those wedding moments when time is a luxury we wedding photographers don’t have, every second counts and my SpiderPro doesn’t let me down.

I’m also confident with my SpiderPro camera holster when I’m dashing up and down sidelines at football games. I can run with a 400mm lens slung over my shoulder and not even think that the 70-200 I have in the holster was going anywhere. I’ve been bumped into 300 pound players and my camera has never been dislodged from the holster. Knowing that I don’t have to worry about my camera and all I need to do is focus on the game is a blessing.

If you’re a wedding or sports photographer and the way you photograph needs an overhaul; look no further than investing into a Spider system. While I vouch for the SpiderPro system they have other systems that can work for your needs. Give them a try and you can thank me later.

P.S. I’m not a Spider Holster ambassador or spokesperson. This is my personal view of the system, but if they need me to be an ambassador feel free to reach out hahahahahahahaha.

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