Hollywood Beach Quince Photo Shoot

During the summer here in South Florida it is hard to predict the weather as it fluctuates at a drop of a pin. With Jouleana’s Hollywood Beach quince photo shoot, the weather displayed the volatile South Florida weather perfectly. As early morning storms were brewing out at sea and making their way towards the shore we were blessed with some dramatic skies for Jouleana’s quince photo shoot and dramatic skies are always a great thing if you’re a photographer.

The weather wasn’t the only blessing that day. Jouleana was a joy to photograph. She was a natural in front of the camera and had such a cheerful disposition to her. Jouleana never complained and was always willing to try out new ideas as they arose.

Photographing Jouleana on Hollywood Beach was probably the best decision. At 6:30 AM in the morning, we had the beach all to ourselves. Well the seagulls and pelicans hovered above us, but that was the extent of life on the beach that morning. The stillness of the beach and tranquility from the sounds of the ocean helped us find a nice, relaxing rhythm to the morning photo shoot. The mood and the tone of the photo shoot is always important. If your subject feels stressed or is uncomfortable in any way it shows in the photographs and no amount of photoshop can mask that.

We moved through a variety of poses and locations along the beach. We did have to contend with the sun shining bright then disappearing through the thickness of the incoming storms clouds. That game of hide and seek with the sun permeated throughout the entire quince photo shoot. As a photographer I have to make changes to the settings quick to accommodate for the changes in the available light and that morning was testing me for sure.

We here at JC Ruiz Photography wish Jouleana all the best in her journey into becoming a woman and hope that her Quince party was everything she wanted.




Hollywood Beach Quince Photo Shoot




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