CKO Kickboxing – Commercial Photography Shoot

When a client hires you for a commercial photography assignment it goes either two ways for me. One would be where the client constantly changes their mind about what they’re looking for, the direction etc. and it’s a battle trying to get the shots they want because they don’t know what they want. The second would be like CKO Kickboxing where in their brief they had the location, the shot list, samples of the look they wanted and all the models were on time and ready to go when I arrived. When the client is this well prepared it makes any photographer’s job easy. All I had to do was show up and shoot the brief that was provided.

CKO Kickboxing was opening a new location in downtown Miami and wanted photos of the location and models for their print ads and for their online marketing. My point of contact was a gentleman by the name of Robert who was stationed at CKO Kickboxing main location in New York. He was the one I who provided me with all the details that I needed for the shoot. He wanted contrast, edgy images that depicted some kickboxing movements. When I arrived to the location to set up my lighting gear they had numerous backgrounds up and ready to be used. It was just a seamless assignment through out the whole photo shoot.

I was provided with a couple of models, but we primarily focused on using just one, Andrea. She was energetic, photogenic and loved kickboxing. Prior to each type of new move she was going to make she would let me know what she was going to do and showed examples so I could get the best shot for them. The whole photo shoot was just a bang bang job. We moved from shot to shot and within an hour, hour and a half we had nailed everything on the brief.

Commercial photography jobs like that make life so much easier for everyone. Of course not every job will go smooth or start on time etc., but when one does you appreciate more. Below are the photos from the commercial photography shoot for CKO Kickboxing.


commercial portrait


martial arts photography

action photography

action sports photography

martial artist portrait

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commercial product photography

commercial photographer

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