Miami Boudoir Photo Shoot

A boudoir photo shoot is an intimate experience. Your subject is there, vulnerable, posing for you. Showing an intimate side of themselves that very few people will ever get to see. As a boudoir photographer you have to capture that intimacy and vulnerability in each boudoir photo shoot that you do.

My subject for this photo shoot was Joselyn. She hadn’t had her photo taken in years and she wanted something sexy for herself. Since she hadn’t had her photo taken in years and seeing how this was a boudoir inspired photo shoot, we agreed that shooting in a place where she would feel comfortable would be the best situation to make her feel at ease. With that being said we decided to shoot in her home, specifically in her bedroom. Her bedroom was great window light peering in and her bed had four posts with white drapery hanging over the edge which looked amazing with the light shining through the fabric.

Prior to shooting we discussed the types of poses she would be comfortable with as well as how much she would want to reveal about herself. This is customary for me with any client. Establish the ground rules and set boundaries so no one feels uncomfortable or feels pressured to pose or do something they’re not comfortable with. At the end of the day you will always see the uncomfortable look in their faces in the final product.

I also thought talking about what we were going to do and the boundaries we established helped her feel more at ease. Any apprehension you might have had at the start quickly subsided as she felt more comfortable as the photo shoot progressed. All in all it was a great experience for her. She was very happy and tells me how she hung her favorite photos on her wall and people ask who that is and she proudly says it was her.

Boudoir Photo Shoot

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