Bohemian Inspired Maternity Photo Shoot

I recently photographed maternity pictures for Lindsey who wanted to have a Bohemian inspired maternity photo shoot. It was a pretty easy process for me as Lindsey already had her maternity picture ideas already laid out and all I had to do was execute what she was looking for. Of course sometimes the execution is the hardest thing to achieve given the ever changing conditions outdoor photographers have to face, but I was pretty lucky this time around.

We met at Robbins Park in Davie, FL on a pleasant day in winter. Of course winter in South Florida means it was in the 70’s and the humidity was relativity low. There was a slight overcast which held the sun’s true warming potential to a minimum.

I first took Lindsey out to an open meadow to get some wide shots. No sooner as we began to shoot, a guy with a drone began flying his drone by us and there were several times I had to stop as his drone was in the frame. I was just happy that after a few glances in his direction he got the message and moved to another area of the park to fly his drone.

Lindsey was about 8 months pregnant during our maternity photo shoot so my main goal was not to have her standing for too long as I’m sure she would get uncomfortable and tired. Carrying a child around in your stomach takes a toll I’m sure. All I carry around in my stomach is some Digiorno pizza and a couple of rum and cokes.

I had her do a series of poses before we wrapped up in the meadow. We then proceeded to move over near a thicket on the other side of the park. Robbins Park has a great variety of landscapes to shoot around and I wanted to give her a mixture of photos in a open field and some photos with trees. We quickly some shots out by the thicket as I could tell she was getting tired and I was just trying to wrap up her maternity photos so she can sit down and relax.

Baby Avery should be here in the next couple of weeks and we wish the best for Lindsey and Avery.


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