Blizzard of ’09

Seeing the images from yesterday’s blizzard in the Northeast reminded me of the blizzard I got caught in NYC last year. I took a day trip into the city to check out the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. I had always dreamed of seeing that tree so I went a few days before Christmas. I had saw the weather reports of the impending storm but with the time table the forecasters gave I thought I had enough time to take the Bolt Bus back to Boston at night before the snow got too heavy.

I got to the city and took the 2 train out towards Brooklyn. I got off at the City Hall stop and headed over to the Seaport. I love hanging out at the Seaport because I can see the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburgh bridge from there. From there I headed over to Wall Street to check out the Christmas Tree there. When I got there it began snowing, a whole lot earlier than predicted. I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around lower Manhattan waiting for it to get dark so I can see the Rockefeller Tree in all it’s glory.

To kill some time I headed over to my friend’s place on Pearl Street. We ended up watching some football and his wife made some food for us. After a bit I headed off to see the Christmas Tree. By this time the snow was blinding and coming down at weird angles. The streets were covered and taxis were spinning out and people were slipping all over the place. I got to Rockefeller Center and when I first saw that tree I was like this is bigger than I could have imagined. I couldn’t look up at for too long because the snow was whipping in my face. I snapped a whole bunch of photos but every 2 seconds I had to wipe mountains of snow off the camera and lens. Just as I was going to head over to 34th and 8th to catch my bus back I got a text from the bus company saying the buses were canceled due to snow. I ended up finding a hotel on 43rd and Lenox, the Ftizpatrick.

I woke up the next morning, checked out and headed up to Central Park. Snow was everywhere. Reports said 16 inches and I think that was pretty accurate. The roads were empty and people were walking in the street. I got to Central Park and it was great. Not too many people and snow covering everything. Only problem was that I had to hike through the snow which was a workout in itself. It’s a lot easier to walk in snow when it’s plowed. I headed over to the Literary Mall and to the Bethesda Fountain to hang out. People had brought their dogs out and the dogs were having a great time running in the snow and playing with the other dogs. I had a afternoon bus back so I headed over to the AMC theater on 34th between 8th and 9th and saw Avatar. That movie ran so long I swore I was going to miss my bus. I got to the bus stop only to find out my bus was canceled again.

I called my friends up saying I need to borrow their computer to find a way out of the city. Everything was shut down from NYC to Boston, where I was going. I spent the night at my friend’s house and booked another bus for the next day. I had to email my boss and let her know I wouldn’t be at work because I was stuck in NYC. Other than wearing the same clothes for 3 days, that trip was great. NYC in any weather is great. Seeing the reports from yesterday made me wish I was back in city in the blizzard.

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