A Fort Lauderdale Engagement Shoot

Every engagement shoot is different. Some times the shoot is where the couple first met or kissed etc. or maybe it’s not the location but perhaps a set of circumstances surrounding the couple. The thing that was different with Timitra and Ed was that this engagement shoot was the first time they ever had their pictures taken as a couple. For me knowing that, it made the engagement shoot that much more special to me.

Being around Timitra and Ed, even for a brief period, you can tell they’re complete opposites. Ed is quiet and reserved while Timitra is more out going and has a laugh that you can tell is honest and sincere. Although they’re opposites individually, but together you can see that they’re on the same page and it just works for them.

Timitra was the one who found the spot for the engagement shoot with the help of Miami Elite Events who were also coordinating the wedding for Timitra and Ed. She picked out this quiet park next to an affluent Fort Lauderdale neighborhood right near the Intercoastal Waterway. I’ve never been to this park before and even trying to research it was difficult because it was so small, the search results were more about the neighborhood name than the park.

I’m sure for most of the country, having a shoot in the summer is wonderful. Here in South Florida, anything during the day time in the summer is asking for either soaking wet clothes from sweat or you will get a sun burn that will probably do some permanent damage. Knowing this, we scheduled this shoot for first thing in the morning before the sun got high enough in the sky to do some damage.

As flowed from location to location, I could tell Timitra and Ed were finding their comfort zone in front of the camera. Not too long after that I felt like I didn’t exist to them as they would just get lost in each others eyes and embrace and they would forget I was there taking their photographs.

Engagement shoots like that are the best. A couple in love and me there with a camera capturing their love for that brief moment so they can have a memory of a lifetime that resides in that one photo.

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