Wynwood Engagement Photo Shoot

Wynwood Engagement Session

When Greg and Shrearest first came to me for their engagement photo needs we spent a lot time trying to find the right place for their engagement shoot. We had ideas ranging from Miami Beach, to rooftops on a downtown Miami high rise, but in the end they wanted a Wynwood engagement photo shoot. They were drawn to the vibrant colors that inhabited that many walls in Wynwood and who could blame them. Wynwood is full of potential especially when it comes to a Wynwood engagement shoot.

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Wynwood Graffiti

wynwood graffiti

As a photographer I have learned to love all types of art. What I love about going to the Wynwood section of Miami is the intricate graffiti and murals splashed all over the walls in a 10 block radius. It blows my mind the art that I see in the Wynwood graffiti. You literally could spend a day there walking around and admiring every piece of art that is drawn about building walls.

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