Best Holiday Gifts for Photographers

Rockefeller Christmas Tree

It happens every year, usually right after Thanksgiving. You start a list of what to get friends and family, but you always come up with a blank for that photographer in your life. After all you’re not a photographer and you don’t know what the best holiday gifts for photographers would be. Lucky for you I’ve compiled a list of some of the best holiday gifts for photographers.

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Think Tank Pro Speed Belt – Product Review

Think Tank Pro Speed Belt

As a wedding photographer and sports photographer, I have grappled with the issue of finding a way to quickly access different lenses and other gear. I’ve tried different types of bag, shoulder harnesses and every gadget and gizmo in between. It wasn’t until I discovered the Think Tank Pro Speed Belt combined with the the modular belt system by Think Thank Photo that I truly found something that works for me in every situation.

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