Spring Training

robinson cano spring training

Shooting Spring Training for MLB was just a unique experience. The stadiums were smaller and the fans were even closer to the action which provided a more family friendly environment. Photographing Spring Training also afforded me the opportunity to photograph teams and players that I wouldn’t normally get the chance to like photographing the Red-Sox or Toronto BlueJays. I probably would have had more opportunities, but the coronavirus changed everything.

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Photographing the Red-Sox

photographing the red-sox

When I received the email for my upcoming Spring Training assigment and saw that I was going to JetBlue Park in Ft. Myers, I was excited. Photographing the Red-Sox, my favorite team since childhood, was a dream come true. Shooting any sports photographer‘s favorite team is a dream come true. Granted it was a Spring Training game and not all the starters would be playing, but that didn’t bother me at all.

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