Christmas Time in New York City

Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Christmas time in New York City is magical. The Rockefeller Christmas tree, all the store decorations. The entire city feels alive. There is nothing like Christmas time in New York City. If you haven’t experienced it, it is a must add to your bucket list.

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Blizzard of ’09

Seeing the images from yesterday’s blizzard in the Northeast reminded me of the blizzard I got caught in NYC last year. I took a day trip into the city to check out the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. I had always dreamed of seeing that tree so I went a few days before Christmas. I had saw the weather reports of the impending storm but with the time table the forecasters gave I thought I had enough time to take the Bolt Bus back to Boston at night before the snow got too heavy.

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Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade

Going to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been a lifetime dream of mine. I would spend every Thanksgiving morning watching the parade on TV, secretly wishing I was there to witness it first hand. And then one day I went and it was all worth the wait. Bucket list item check!

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