A Plantation, FL Wedding

Wedding first look

So initially I was going to wait later on the week to post a blog update about the Benedict’s wedding this past weekend, but we’re all still talking about it today on Facebook and I was like why not just keep the conversation going. Where do I begin? The ceremony was great, but the reception was a party for the ages. I just hope I captured it well enough to tell the story of how much of a good time we all had. If you didn’t have a good time at this wedding then you have no soul and are destined for a boring and uneventful life.

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An Engagement Session on South Beach

south beach engagement photo shoot

I was lucky enough to shoot an engagement shoot for one of my favorite couples, Alex and Hayley. I always enjoy watching these two interact because they’re always happy, smiling or laughing. They compliment each other so well and they’re always on the same page. I was beyond excited when they asked me to photograph their wedding. You can’t help but admire the love these two have for each other.

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A Backyard Wedding in North Miami

North Miami Wedding

When people think about their wedding day they think of bright, sunny skies and perfect conditions, but for Dean and Jenean they literally had to weather the storm before they could say, “I do.” Knowing these two, nothing was going to stop them from becoming husband and wife not even a South Florida afternoon storm that dropped a copious amount of rain onto their outdoor wedding. You could have them run through hurdles, around obstacles, over mountains and through the woods and they would end up where they both belonged, together with each other.

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Midtown Miami Engagement Session

Midtown Miami Engagement Shoot

**WARNING** If you don’t like to see two people clearly in love enjoying each other’s company and kissing each other every chance they get, then this blog post is not for you. So how does one have a bright, sunny day when there are clouds everywhere? The answer is hang out with Dean and Jenean aka The Foxxes. Now you ask why are they called the Foxxes and the answer is because Dean is a DJ known as The Silver Foxx, so hence the moniker the Foxxes. If you ever wanted to see two people who were made for each other, these two are them. Always so lovey dovey with each other it would make a single person want to drown their loneliness in a gallon of Haggen Daz ice cream. Ok, maybe not a gallon more like a pint but still sometimes those two just need to get a room hahahahahhaha

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Hollywood Beach Couples Photo Shoot

Hollywood Beach Couples Shoot

After weeks of trying to find the right time to photograph Tamara and Erick we were able to get together this past Monday for a couples shoot. On Valentine’s Day of all days. Tamara had thoughts about going to the Miami Metro Zoo as a location but time and distance were a constraint and we ultimately settled on going to Hollywood Beach. The weather could not have been anymore spectacular.

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My First Wedding

So yesterday I shot my first wedding as a 2nd shooter. A former co-worker who shoots weddings asked me if I wanted to shoot a wedding with him. My first instinct was to quote Ace Ventura and say, “I don’t do humans,” but I figured what the hell and I would go get some experience. It was a nice little ceremony by a pond in the Boston Public Gardens. The bride and groom couldn’t have been more enjoyable to be around.

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