Firefighter Themed Photo Shoot

firefighter photo shoot

After many false starts, I was able to finally finish the Firehouse shoot with Camille Kaye. Let me tell you we absolutely killed it. I can honestly say we all had a blast with this shoot and it is by far and away the best work I’ve ever done. Camille is amazing and when she gets into it or gets excited then you know we’re about to do some craziness and have fun doing it.

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A Fire Station Photo Shoot

Firehouse Fashion Photo Shoot

When I first was about to photograph the talented Camille Kaye she let me listen to some of her songs so I could come up with ideas for a shoot etc. When I heard one song, “Ring Di Alarm”, I had this idea for like a fire truck or fire house type of a shoot. Yesterday we made that idea a reality, even if it was a brief reality.

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Downtown Miami Photo Shoot With Camille Kaye

Miami portrait photography

I’m super excited to share this blog post with y’all about the photo shoot I did this past Wednesday with Camille Kaye. I knew Camille as the quiet waitress working at Miami Prime, but it wasn’t until my brother-in-law, Dean, told her I was a photographer did we get a chance to sit down and talk. I showed her my work and we talked for about 30 minutes and she wanted me to give her some ideas as to a potential shoot. Camille then proceeded to show me her website,, that I learned she was a very talented singer. I’m dead serious about her talent. Fast forward to late Tuesday night when we were texting back and forth and decided to do a the shoot Wednesday afternoon. I don’t think any of us thought it would have gone so well.

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The Dream Team

The Dream Team consists of Dean aka the SilverFoxx and Vince aka the StoneGroove and their combined talent rocks Miami Prime each and every Friday night. Their conquest of the entertainment industry in Miami has already begun. The SilverFoxx spins records from the old school and the new school so that everyone gets the proper education that the politicians keep mentioning while the StoneGroove keeps the party jumping by getting the crowd all into it. The StoneGroove has been known to break out some Prince, Michael Jackson and James Brown moves out on the dance floor. That in itself is worth seeing.

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