5 Tips For A Better Photography Website

5 tips for a better photography website

As photographers we want the world to see our work; we want them to visit our photography website. But what makes a great photography website? There is no magic formula, no template to follow etc. It takes hard work to put your work out there on your photography website. I’m going to give you 5 tips for a better photography website that will help you catapult you and your website to the forefront of the customers you are seeking.

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5 SEO Tips for Photographers

Miami Editorial Photographer

As photographers we all would love to have our website be on the first page of results when potential clients Google photographers in their area. The best to help your website move up the ranks in Google is to optimize the SEO for your website and I have 5 SEO tips for photographers that will help get them started in the right direction. The tips below won’t catapult you to the top of results in Google over night or even in 3 months, but with constant monitoring of your SEO effort and creating quality content you can reach the first page of results.

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Essential WordPress Plugins for Photographers

WordPress Plugins

As photographers we spend the majority of time either shooting, editing or networking that sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to our photography blogs. Our photography blogs need attention and on occasion daily attention. Granted most of us are photographers and not web developers (I’m both) and that was why I compiled a list of essential WordPress plugins for photographers.

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