Pembroke Pines Maternity Shoot

It would only be right that I photograph Dean and Jenean’s maternity shoot after doing their engagement and wedding photos. It is part of the natural progression of things and who am I to stop the natural progression? They couldn’t have picked a better day to shoot as well. Sunny skies and cool breezes were on tap for us that day. A recipe for a great time and even better photos.

We had originally planned on shooting on Hollywood Beach but things changed. Since Dean and Jenean live on the Pembroke Lakes Country Club golf course and we were pressed for time because they had their baby shower to go to and I also didn’t want Jenean to be walking or standing for very long etc. So we did the sensible thing and hopped the fence and got on the golf course. I am not one to condone anyone sneaking on to golf courses or abandoned marine theaters….Ok who am I kidding? Any chance of danger or excitement I’m going to do it.

Luckily for us it was a slow day on the golf course. We were able to squeeze some shots in between golfers teeing off which was fun in itself because I would take my 70-200 lens and point it at them teeing off and I think the pressure got to them because there were some really bad tee shots. I know with maternity shoots its usually about the baby and the mother primarily but if you know Dean and Jenean you know the love those two share transcends the typical embodiment of a maternity shoot. They were super affectionate through the entire shoot, kissing and laughing etc. I was like y’all better slow down or baby #2 isn’t far behind lol

After we wrapped the shoot we hopped back over the fence and had a couple of Coronas before we headed over to their baby shower. Always a great time with friends and family.

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