One Lens Challenge

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog post. I started a new job and it ended a month later because they didn’t have enough work for me to continue to justify paying me. Anyhow, on to the real reason why I’m writing. Well, with this new found time, I decided to give myself a one lens challenge. A one lens challenge is where I only take one lens out with me and I have to use it all day in different scenarios. Sounds simple enough right?

For my one lens challenge, I chose my Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8. I wouldn’t call this lens my work horse, but it gets it’s share of use. I decided I wanted to focus on landscape and some closeup shots with this lens. So I packed my bag and headed down to South Beach to explore and experiment. The best part about going on a week day is that a lot of people are at work so it was pretty quiet out on South Beach, a far cry from what the nights and weekends look like.

My journey started out on 7th and Ocean Drive where I was focusing on the Art Deco hotels lining the street. I traversed Ocean Drive all the way down to 15th street where I turned on to Collins Ave and walked up a few blocks shooting some of the more well known hotels like the Sagamore and Delano hotels. My stomach was calling my name and after hearing my business manager explain to me she was so hungry that her stomach was touching her back I decided I better get some lunch before I experienced the same thing. So I headed over to my favorite little taco place on South Beach which is on 14th Street between Collins and Washington Street. After 3 tacos and a bottle of water I was sufficiently full to continue my one lens challenge.

I headed back to the beach and decided I wanted to photograph more of the lifeguard stands. I’ve been trying to photograph all the lifeguard stands out there for a book I want to put together one day. So I walked from 14th Street down to 35th Street photographing all the lifeguard stands I found. The problem with my expedition was that I had to make the return trip. The walk back was grueling and it was exasperated by the fact that my knees did not want to cooperate with me. I felt like a senior citizen having to take breaks along the way to stop and rest. I did conjure up thoughts of knocking someone off their bike and confiscating it for myself but the problem with that plan is that I would have to use my legs to peddle. My plans foiled yet again. I finally made it back to my car and my legs were thanking me or maybe I was thanking them for getting me that far.

South Beach Classic

Colony Hotel

Ocean Drive

BEach Cruiser

Brick Road


Lifeguard stand

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