10 Photographers on Instagram You May Not Know

With Instragram’s new changes to their algorithm it’s become increasingly harder to get a fresh variety of posts to look at. Instead it seems like our timelines are filled with sponsored posts or Instragram models hawking their latest flat tummy tea. I for one love a variety on my timeline and it’s become difficult when it feels like all the posts are the same over and over.

I follow all types of photographers from sports photographers to nude photographers and everyone in between. If your posts are visually appealing to me more often than not I will follow you just so my timeline has fresh content to view. Below are 10 photographers on Instagram you may not know, but are a great follow. I’m always looking for new people to follow and these are some of my favorite follows.

Nicolas Guerin
Nicolas is a portrait and nude photographer based in Paris, France. What made me follow Nicolas was his portraits of celebrities. The mood his subjects exude is what captures me. He has an innate way of capturing his subjects.

Christopher Gillette
If you ever watched the Gator Boys on TV you might recognize Chris. I love the Everglades and all the wildlife in it and Chris does an amazing job of getting up close and taking some unbelievable images. I’m constantly blown away with what he photographs. He is someone you should definitely follow.

Benjamin Kelley
Benjamin is a New England landscape photographer. What I love about his work is how it reminds me of when I was a boy growing up outside Boston. His seashore photos along with his White Mountains is really compelling. It makes me nostalgic, but not enough to move back for those cold, harsh New England winters.

Jake Dyson
I don’t know too much about Jake, but judging from his Instagram I feel Jake is a travel photographer. He has amazing work. Makes me want to get up and quit my job and travel the world and just take pictures. A lot of his photos are with snow and mountains, two things that I find visually appealing. When an image can speak to you then you know the photographer knows what he or she is doing and Jake knows what he is doing.

A photo posted by Jake Dyson (@jakedyson) on

Michael Menchero
I love Miami Beach and I love Art Deco and Michael Menchero captures both beautifully. His angles and composition of the Art Deco buildings on Miami Beach are unparalleled. I can easily recognize the buildings in his feed, but his composition of those buildings is something I would never have thought of. He shows me how to appreciate the Art Deco buildings in a whole new light.

A photo posted by Michael Menchero (@menchee) on

Thomas Peschak
Thomas is a National Geographic Photographer and the Director of Conservation Save our Seas Foundation. I’ve always loved the work of National Geographic photographers and Thomas is no different. His underwater work will blow you away. He gets really up close and personal with the creatures that live beneath the surface as well as those that live above it.

Brad Romano
Brad is a LA based photographer whose photographs vary from landscapes to city shots. His photos are very moody and I love the way he edits his photographs. I’ve always wanted to visit the West Coast and his photos make want to go even more.

A photo posted by Brad Romano (@bradromano) on

David Lloyd
David is a New Zealand born photographer living in London. His photos of the wildlife from Africa are phenomenal. If you love seeing photos of lions, elephants etc. you need to follow David. You won’t be disappointed.

Donald Page
I love sports photography especially football and Donald is one of the best. He is the photographer for the University of Tennessee. Lucky for me Donald shoots pretty much all the sports for the university not just football. He has amazing work and I probably would never have found him if not for Scott Kelby mentioning him in one of this blog posts.

A photo posted by Donald Page (@donaldppage) on

Callum Snape
Callum is an adventure and travel freelance photographer from Banff, Alberta. His landscape photography is so compelling. I’m instantly drawn in once I see his photos. His photos make you feel like you’re there.

A photo posted by Callum Snape (@calsnape) on

Even those these are my 10 photographers on Instagram to follow, I have plenty more I could share. As you can see my Instagram feed has a wide diversity of different types of photographers and genres of photography that I follow. Feel free to leave some photographers on Instagram you think I should follow.

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